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There are quite a few things we take for granted that are constantly provided by society. When a person goes to work, they aren’t just standing in a money generator that forms cash by the hour, they are contributing something. Everyone affects society to varying degrees, but trade workers arguably make the greatest impact. Public utilities are the life line of society whether its electricity, gas or running water. Without these incredibly important services and the workers who provide them, society as we know it would be completely different.

Severn Trent’s Early Years

It’s providing these services that make companies like Severn Trent so important. The company began as a state-owned company in the 1970s. The company was a part of the original 10 water authorities, a group formed by the Water Act of 1973 which brought together many of the water and sewage companies in England and Wales. Each of the 10 authorities had a board of representatives composed of local and central government at its head. Each of the 10 authorities received a designated area where they were responsible for the water, sewage treatment, and river protection. In 1989 the company underwent the change into a public limited company. The plc was formed after the central government decided to privatize the water industry. By privatizing the water industry, this allowed private investors to purchase shares of companies, which provided the industry with the finances it needed.

The Origin of the Severn Trent Name

The company takes its name from its catchment area of some of Britain’s largest rivers, the Severn and the Trent. The River Severn runs 220 miles long and is the largest river in the United Kingdom, The River Trent runs 185 miles long and is the third longest in the United Kingdom. Dedicated to providing the resources these rivers offer to the populace of the United Kingdom, the utility this company offers specifically is water management. This utility directly benefits society by providing water for various needs such as cooking and cleaning. Without water we cannot survive and because of companies like this, we are able to have water at our convenience.

Government Regulations Are Heavy for Severn Trent

Because of the importance of water, its treatment is heavily regulated by government standards. These standards are in place to make sure the water provided remains healthy and usable. Even with the government regulations, Severn Trent maintains its own standards regarding its connection to public health, cleanliness with the water it handles and leakage reduction for the sewage it treats.