Scottish Power Customer Services Number

Scottish Power is an excellent choice for most people with their gas and electric energy needs because of how they go out of their way for their customers. It is a company that values its customers, and wants them to stay with them. By having a company like this, customers can feel confident that they are getting the best energy at the most reasonable prices.

PowerUp Helps You Manage Expenses

This company offers PowerUp, which allows customers to purchase their energy needs one to 6 months ahead of time by using their mobile phone. This is an excellent way to have the energy that they need, especially when they have a very busy lifestyle or need to travel a lot. In most cases, this program is utilized by those that are on the go, and don’t have time to sit down and relax.

Scottish Power is offering better pricing for all customers that are using electric and gas from them. They are freezing their prices until March, 2018. This is great for existing customers, and also for new customers, especially ones that have just moved into their new area.

Scottish Power Smart Meters Keep You Informed

Smart Meters are now a part of the scene with the company. The way they benefit the customer mostly is that they will be able to see how much energy they are using at any given time. This way they can change whatever they need to in order to lower their energy usage, and in turn, save themselves money.

Excellent Customer Service From Scottish Power

Customer service is excellent with the company. Customers will find that they will get the help that they require, whenever they need it. The customer service team has been trained very well. They are experts at what they do. Since they know the company inside and out, they can provide answers to any questions a customer may have.

The website for the company is clear and concise. Everything is explained clearly, and customers find it easy to do what they need to when they are online with them. With it, customer’s can manage their account easily – enabling them to view their account balance and bills and enter meter readings.

Many Highly Satisfied Customers

The satisfaction rate with the company is very high. Many customers tell their friends, neighbors, family and coworkers about the services they receive, and they end up coming with the company too. 93% of the customers are extremely satisfied with what the company does for them and the pricing.

This is company that will be around for a long time into the future. They have a good solid customer base, and they provide excellent service to them.