EON Customer Services Number

Eon sells both electric and gas to their customers. They are freezing their prices, which is a selling point for people that have been with them, and for new customers just coming on board. The company enjoys keeping their customers happy. They make it simple for them online and from their mobile devices to keep informed about what is happening with their account.

Switching to EON

When a person wants to switch companies, this particular company will do a quote trying to get the prices lower so that they will switch over to them. This is just another way that they show their customers how much they mean to them.

The website is set up for easy access. Setting up an account is simple and free for the customer. All of their information is protected and held confidential. They can feel comfortable paying their bill online. It also has lots of great advice for energy users, and how they can keep their consumption down, and therefore, lower their bill.

Smart Meters Can Help Save You Money

Smart Meters are part of the scene now at Eon. They are going to make it very easy for customers see how much energy they are using at any time, and how they lower their bill by changing some of their patterns. Since it is going to allow them easier energy control, customer will love it.

EON Makes Prepaid Services Easy

Prepayment meters make it convenient for customers to pay from their cell phones. This gives them the option paying as they go, and is ideal for people that are away a lot on travel for business or pleasure. They can also check on their account and their usage. It makes it simpler for people that are on the go, and they have busy lives with personal and professional responsibilities.

EON’s Customer Service Team Can Help

For customer service, the company has a very good one. The professionals that are in these positions are trained effectively. They are able to handle all types of issues in and clear and concise way. If a customer has questions about their energy use, the pricing or a billing matter, the staff can assist them in a meaningful way. There is also an online assistant thru http://www.ukcontactnumbers.org.uk/eon-contact-number/ that can give customers the answers they are looking for right away.

EON Is Still Growing

The company has continued to rise in popularity, partly because of how they treat their customers, and also because of their prices that they are freezing. Since the company has been doing very well, it looks like the future for them will be good too.