Customer service is something that must be done right in order to keep a company the customers coming back for more. People love to be treated great, and they respond when a company does this for them. What are the dos and don’ts of customer service”

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Customer Service – Here Are The Dos

1. Always smile when dealing with customers, whether in person or over the phone. The voice connotation can be heard even over the phone, and when a customer service agent smiles, it can be heard.

2. Stay Calm –When a person is in customer service, it is always essential that they stay calm. If they feel that the customer is being difficult, they should get a manager to assist, and remain calm.

3. Provide the best experience possible for the customer. Try to make the customer feel welcome, and that their business means a lot to you.

4. If there is a problem with the product or service, offer to exchange it for another of equal or less value, rather than the money back. Follow the rules of the company, and if they allow a refund, then go ahead and do so.

5. Leave your problems at home. You job, when you are in customer service is to be nice to the customer at all times.

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Customer Service Here Are The Don’t s

1. Don not smart mouth a customer. Refrain from using bad language or talking down to them.

2. Do not get angry with the customer. Let them tell their story, and why they are so upset.

3. If you are not sure if they are lying about a product or service, do not get mad. Let them be angry, but be stern when it comes to letting them escalate to violence.

4. Do not try to solve the problem alone if it does escalate to anger from the customer. Get someone else involved, a manager preferable, or another co-worker.

5. It is important to not sear, stop doing your job or any other type of thing that can make you look bad.

Customer service is a very important job, so it is important to be proud of what you do. When you are good at it, you will see that customers will respond in kind. You just need to know what they are looking, and how to solve the problem, so that your customer is happy, and you can get back to work with other things that need to get done.